Terms & Privacy

Terms & Privacy


We warmly welcome to all our visitors at Bukit Bintang Sex Service. The terms of our company actually decides if you agree to visit our site as per direction or not. But, before you start browsing our company’s website please go through the Terms and Conditions carefully. Continue browsing our website let us presume that you agree to the terms and conditions of https://www.bukitbintangsexservice.com.

Some of the attributes of the company terms:

  • You will find lots of content on our company’s website. Those contents are generally uploaded to provide some general and basic information to the readers and viewers about the service. If you find any mistake in the content of the website, the company is not liable for its inaccuracy. Most of the contents are provided voluntarily, so the company does not take any responsibility for it 100% accuracy.
  • It is requested to all the visitors of our website that they must check the information present on our website with their known sources for gaining right information. If any mistake is found in the information on our website, the company is not liable for that.
  • You will find lots of other external links on our website. The purpose of those links is to give you some clear idea about our services. We do not promote any of those links through our website.
  • Most of the information on our website is copyright like the logo and company name. If anyone is found copying those items, they must prepare themselves for some legal actions.

The company has the authority to change the Terms present on our website without informing the visitors. So, it is a request to the visitors of our website that they check the Terms every time they visit our website to keep themselves up-to-date.


Escort service is still kept pretty secret from people although the awareness amongst people is increasing day by day. More and more people are trying themselves with hiring the professional escorts for fun, excitement and many more things. But, above all, finding a genuine escort company should receive the optimal importance. Her at, Bukit Bintang Sex Service, we pay the most sincere attention to protect the privacy of both the escorts and the customers. A sense of confidence works among the customers and that let them have some great fun with the girls.

In order to offer exactly what the customers are looking for we need to collect a few details from the customers and privacy policy explains how those details are collected, maintained and protected over the period of time.

We need these details for more customized service

Escort service is a confidential service that demands extreme privacy and without these details it is difficult for us to secure the privacy for any of the customers.

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Mail id
  • Banking details

How we use and protect the details

Along with how the details are collected, the policy also explains how those details are kept, shared and protected. None of the details are shared with any third party sources for promotional needs. The details are stored in our secured database and only selected professionals have the access of it.

We do not disclose the details with any third party sources unless it is about reaching the address or collecting payments. The details of the escorts are also kept very secret and other than a few selected officials, no one has the access to it.

The database, where the details are stored, is regularly scanned with antivirus so that it could prevent any malware attacks. The details of the customers are stored in our database for a certain period of time and after that it is automatically removed from the system.

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